Family around the kitchen while grandmother cuts holiday food

Protecting Your Teeth During the Holidays

Richview Family Dentistry wants to give you some tips on how to take care of your teeth during these festive times.


During the holidays, we tend to eat more and drink more. The usual fare at any gathering usually contains more sugar and carbs than your normal daily meals. It is this reason why taking care of your teeth is so important.

Teeth are exposed to higher levels of sugar and acidic food and drinks. Here are some tips to get you through the holidays.



  • After consuming food and drink that are high in sugar, make sure to at least rinse your mouth with water. This can lower the pH levels which drop due to sugar and carbohydrates.


Eat Wisely!

  • Eating cheeses, nuts, crackers, and fruits over sugary sweets is always a good alternative.


Calm Down!

  • Something people don’t often think about is that stress from the holidays can cause clenching and grinding of teeth. Ask us about using a nightguard while you sleep.

And by all means, be careful when eating hard candy and don’t use your teeth to open packages and remove tags.


Red Wine!

  • If you’re going to indulge with red wine, brush, and floss BEFORE consuming. Stains cling to the film of plaque on the teeth so, brushing beforehand can minimize the chance of staining.
  • As with sugary treats, rinse your mouth with water after consuming red wine.
  • Eat as you drink. Cheese and crackers can act as a barrier to the acid in the red wine.


We want you to enjoy the holidays, but we also want you to enjoy a clean, bright smile.

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