Don’t Forget Your Dental Health on Vacation

Headed on vacation? Don’t forget to schedule some time for dental hygiene!  Here’s some easy ways to make sure your pearly whites stay healthy and strong while you’re traveling.


Your toothbrush

  • Ventilate 
    • Don’t wrap or keep your toothbrush in a holder without holes for ventilation.
    • Moisture locked inside can cause bacteria to grow on your toothbrush.
    • Keep your toothbrush in a large enough container to circulate air.
  • Keep it dry
    • Leave your toothbrush out of your travel bag or case to let it dry out.
  • Pack an extra toothbrush
    • It’s easy for toothbrushes to get lost and those provided by the hotel are too firm for your gums.
    • Pack one in your carry-on and one in your checked baggage.


Compact Items

  • The more compact your oral hygiene items, the more likely you are to keep them handy and use them.
    • Foldable toothbrushes
    • Mini toothpastes
    • Small bottle of mouthwash
    • Keep these in a purse or carry-on bag so you can use them during your flights.


Don’t drink the water!


Pack chewing gum

  • If you find it hard to keep up with brushing your teeth as often as usual, chewing sugarless gum after eating.
  • Also, green tea can protect your teeth.


Watch your sugar intake

  • Vacation time is a time to eat whatever you want!
    • However, sugary treats can have a bad effect on your teeth and gums. 
    • Try to keep those treats to a minimum.

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