Working with Volunteers in Mission!

Dr. Wall traveled to Guatemala from February 16-23 with Madison Street United Methodist Church through Volunteers in Mission.  The Madison Street group is one of 6 Methodist groups that volunteered this year at the La Toma school in Nuahualate, San Antonio, a remote area about an hour east of Mazatenango.  While much of the group worked to construct three additional classrooms for the school, Dr. Wall provided emergency dental care for patients in Nuahualate.  Dr. Wall’s office was in a local church led by Pastor Felix, and the patients were coordinated by the pastor’s wife, Aurora.  Dr. Wall served about 75 patients from February 18-21.


Pastor Felix and his son enjoy a break from the heat.  This image is borrowed from the blog of Vona Wilson, who  went to Nuahualate with Volunteers in Mission in March of this year.


These patients quietly sit in the waiting room for their appointment with Dr. Wall.


The dental office set up in Pastor Felix’s church.


Dr. Wall and one of his assistants, Amy Wright, work on a patient.


Another of Dr. Wall’s assistants, Lacy Wilson, rewards a patient with a new toothbrush.


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