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Best vs. Worst Halloween Candy for Teeth

Posted on: October 26th, 2016 by tcg_admin

Halloween is just around the corner, and that means your house may soon be flooded with candy and other special goodies. While most things are okay in moderation, some Halloween treats are undoubtedly better for your oral health than others.

Check out our recommendations for the best & worst Halloween treats for your teeth!


Worst Treats for Your Teeth:

  1. Sticky Sweets

Beware of treats that can stick to your teeth. This includes gummies, taffy, or even caramel apples! Be ready to have your floss and toothbrush handy when enjoying goodies like these, especially if you or your kids are indulging at night time.

  1. Hard Candies

While candies like lollipops and jawbreakers won’t necessarily stick to your teeth like taffy, these types of candy usually take a long time to dissolve, leaving your teeth exposed to sugar for a longer period of time.

  1. Sour Candy

The acidity in sour candies can be rough on your tooth enamel. Thankfully, saliva helps to naturally break this acid down. You may be surprised to learn that it is actually wise to wait about 30 minutes before brushing your teeth after eating acidic snacks like this to give your saliva time to do its job!


Best Treats for Your Teeth:

  1. Sugar Free Choices

Obviously, sugar free options (candy and gum alike) will have a less adverse effect on your teeth. Sugar free gum in particular leaves no sticky residue. In fact, sugar free gum can even help prevent cavities by increasing saliva production!

  1. Chocolate

If you simply must have a classic Halloween candy, chocolate (especially dark chocolate) is arguably the best way to go. Unlike many options out there, chocolate does not stick to your teeth as long, making it a bit friendlier to the health of your mouth!

  1. Non-Candy Alternatives or Non-Food Alternatives

Options like mini pretzels, goldfish crackers and the like are better for your teeth due to the lower sugar content. Due to food allergy concerns, many families are now opting to distribute non-food alternatives such as small toys, pencils or stickers too! Obviously, non-food options will have no effect on your oral health, and they can still be really fun!


Here at Richview Family Dentistry, we love enjoying a good time with our families and friends. Remember, it is certainly okay to enjoy yourself, even indulging in a sweet treat or two, as long as you balance with healthy options and good oral hygiene habits on a regular basis. We hope that you all have a wonderful and safe Halloween. After the holiday, come see us for a routine visit, dental cleaning and more in Clarksville, TN!


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