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Making Brushing Teeth Fun!

If you are like many of the parents in our office, you know that tooth brushing time can be an uphill battle with kids. For many households, tooth brushing time can be the most tension filled minutes you face in the morning or evening with your kids. We’re here to tell you, it does not have to be this way! With a little creativity, teeth brushing can go from a dreaded chore to tolerable, dare we say, even…fun!

Check out these tips to make tooth brushing time more exciting!  

1) Make tooth brushing special.  

Making brushing a special time starts at the grocery store. Allow your child to choose a toothbrush that includes a colorful character or something else they like. Make a “big deal” over their selection, and let them know that their special toothbrush is only to be used at certain times. Creating a sense of exclusivity to the tooth brushing experience gives kids something to look forward to, rather than something to fear or hate.

2) Consider games.

Playing games involving tooth brushing is right up kids’ alley. For smaller children, allow them to have a toothbrush just for their stuffed animals, dolls, or other playthings. Demonstrate how fun tooth brushing can be by showing them on their favorite toys. Other games can include (you) singing or playing a favorite a song while your child brushes their teeth, making up a fun story for each tooth until each tooth is shiny and clean, or cheering as each tooth is brushed. A little attention and added fun can go a long way to the tooth brushing process painless!

3) Check out tooth brushing apps.

This day and age, there truly is an app for everything. This include teeth brushing. Check out the app store on your smartphone for several options to help make the tooth brushing process more exciting. One popular app, Brush DJ, incorporates popular songs into your daily tooth brushing ritual. The best part… this cool app won’t cost you a dime!


At Richview Family Dentistry, we know that thinking about the dentist and oral health can sometimes leave a bad taste in your mouth. We are are here to make your dental health process more enjoyable for you and your family. We hope these tooth brushing tips help you and your little ones enjoy taking care of their teeth. Don’t forget to make a professional dental cleaning part of your own yearly routine as well! Give Richview Family Dentistry a call at 931-647-2243 to set up your appointment today!  



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