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Do It Yourself Dentistry? Why It’s a Bad Idea

Richview Family Dentistry explains the dangers of DIY dental work.

We’ve seen the ads on TV and social media about quick and easy, at-home dental work, but the ADA (American Dental Association) suggests that you take a closer look at why DIY dental work is not a good idea.

At-Home Braces and Aligners

  • These at-home appliances can move teeth too fast.
  • They can damage your bone and gums.
  • They increase the chances of teeth moving back into their original position.

Tooth Extraction

  • Patients who fear the dentist often wait until they’re in pain and consider pulling the tooth out themselves. DON’T DO IT!
  • Tooth extraction is a form of oral surgery. Let a professional dentist analyze and make that decision, regardless of what the internet “professionals” say.
  • A dentist has the skills and education to determine if the tooth might be able to be saved.
  • If extraction is necessary, a professional dentist will have the right instruments, including numbing agents and dissolving stitches that make the process as simple and painless as possible.

The ADA discourages the use of direct to consumer dental products, including mouth guards, snoring appliances, teeth whitening trays, and bleaching products, partial dentures, veneers, and aligners.

According to ADA Dentist, Dr. Ruchi Sahota, “Visiting a dentist can also catch issues beforehand and ensure treatment doesn’t cause more problems than it cures.”

People considering DIY are usually looking for answers but don’t have a dentist they can speak with. Please give Richview Family Dentistry a call before trying any of these DIY products.

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